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Guitar Kitchen hopes to help folks learn more about music and guitar. There is a progressive 12 lesson study method intended for the first 3-6 months of learning guitar. There are lessons on how to play folk, flamenco, rock and jazz guitar. Also, in the near future (Feb 2009), guitarkitchen will begin to include ideas, art, video not directly related to playing guitar.

Also, I have a section entitled thoughts where I briefly discuss ideas, some related to music. And I am slowly adding lessons and ideas in Spanish.

Recently Added

From the Thoughts section - May 25, 2010

May 26th and April 7th, 2010

Como tocar salsa con la guitarra

Starting to play salsa. Learn the basics for a montuno in 2-3 mambo clave.

First lesson in Chinese!!!
Blues in A in Chinese - 吉他厨房 - 音弦 – 布鲁斯音乐的速度

Lesson Index

Starting out - 1st month

Introduction Introduction to the Lessons
Lesson One Holding the guitar and tuning
Lesson Two Open chords (G to F) and a pentatonic scale on the 5th fret
Lesson Three G chords and a pentatonic scale on the 5th fret
Lesson Four Modified D, A, E chords and combining pentatonic scales

Rock and blues - 2nd month

Lesson Five Blues progression (A7, D, E7) and the blues scale on the 5th fret
Lesson Six Blues progression (G7, C, D7) and the blues scale on the 3rd fret
Lesson Seven 50s rock in G and a new pentatonic scale pattern
Lesson Eight 50s rock in C, the C major scale and how the pentatonic and major scales are related

Moving along - 3rd month

Lesson Nine Harmonic minor and syncopation
Lesson Ten Basic reggae
Lesson Eleven 3 chord rock, power chords, and bar chords
Lesson Twelve The blues, bar chords, and blues riffs



#1 Montunos, tumbao and clave


Part #2 Learning rasgueado technique
Part #3 Learning how to count in 12

Folk guitar

Part #1 Learning basic strumming patterns
Part #2 Adding texture to your strumming
Part #3 Alternating bass


Jazz advice 3 important aspects of learning jazz
Creating melodies Creating your own melodies is a good place to start learning to play jazz
Blues in jazz Basic jazz blues
Chords I Beginning jazz chords


Get up, stand up A good place to play some reggae

Rock n roll

Purple Haze Some basic tips for learning the song



  • Musicality over technicality
  • Proper technique + stay relaxed
  • Play with people and records
  • Make your own music


The lessons section contains all the lessons.

Thoughts encompass everything related to music that is not a lesson, plus many other topics.

The tools section has links to items that help you lear.

The help section has answers to commonly asked questions.

If you have a question or comment, go to our contact section.

A section on non-guitar related ideas just started, too.


La primera clase! Sobre REGGAE!

Este sitio esta escrito en ingles pero un proyecto es tener articulos en espanol tambien! Mas que una idioma, enfocamos en estilos de musica de interes a todo el mundo, pero sin dudo a mundo latino, como salsa, flamenco, funk, rock, folk, bossa nova, samba, reggae... Ojala que descubras algo nuevo aca! Ademas, tal vez, en 2009 vamos tener articulos en portugues, frances, arabe y chino!

Teachers > internet!

Sure a bunch of amazing musicians learned music on their own. But taking lessons from a good teacher is the way to go! Guitar Kitchen strongly recommends finding a very good teacher in your area.

If, for some reason, you do not take lessons, learn from your friends, from music and from places like GuitarKitchen. Even if you do take lessons, talk to your friends, listen to music and check out Guitar Kitchen.

A good teacher

  • loves music
  • loves to teach people
  • makes students feel generally good about themselves
  • is currently involved in making music
  • is a good musician

I would suggest anyone wanting to learn more about music to find people who have learned a great deal about music and can share their knowledge in a constructive manner.

Coming soon

  • more lessons - currently 22 lessons
  • video lessons for each lesson - currently 2 lessons have videos
  • play along tracks for each lesson
  • general ideas about healthy living

A link to the home page A link to the guitar lessons A link to article about a variety of topics A link to the tools page.  This has suggested items, etc. A link to the help page A link to contact us

Updated May 25th, 2010
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