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You know how a lot of people have that page that shows how they've been doing with Google adsense and affilate programs. I thought I might have a page like that. 'The experiment'. Anyways, it'll be cool. Hopefully it will help me to go surfing and see friends around the world and to invest in timber and to play lots of music.

Anyways, I'll add more when I got more to say!

The search for good ideas, vibes...

All this stuff about generating traffic is cool but just want to keep it in relation to what is really important! Some people say 'content is king'. Or bring value into the world and you will be somehow compensated in kind.

Just signed up for DownBound.com!

Wanted to go with an affilate program that has a good vibe to start with. I think I am going to mix them up. Interested to see what will happen! Decemeber 12, 2008.

December 20, 2008

Getting about 20-40 people a day at guitarkitchen. Have had about 6-7 people visit downbound. It seems decent but doesn't have a lot of depth. Want to find a place that has a little more inventory depth but has the same idea of good quality products that try to take the environment into account.

Also, am planning to use Amazon and MusiciansFriend. I think they will be more pertinent.

I have placed a couple videos on youtube but it's weird that no one is clicking through to my site from youtube. I think I need to really step up the quality of the videos. I also think it helps the quality of the lessons for folks that might learn visually or auditorially.

My currrent dream for this has changed somewhat from when I started because now I want to add ideas that may not be directly related to learning music or guitar. Originally, I wanted to have another site for this but I figure it is better to have it all in one place.

I want to have guitar lessons with good vibes that help people make good music. I also want to share other ideas I have about other stuff. I want to get involved with solutions to environmental problems. I also want to generate income so I am be able to learn more about music and the world.

December 21, 2008

Just read a short article in the Economist about how online advertising may stay stable even though most advertising budgets are shrinking. The argument was that online marketing engages the consumer on more levels than traditional marketing and therefore is more effective than say print or television advertising.

End of 2008

Was going to try to get 1000 unique visitors to the site by the end of the month but did other stuff like playing soccer!

Mid January 2009

Realized I made a couple of dollars on the website over the years because I forgot I have an Amazon affiliate page. Also realized that folks were looking at more than one page which is good because it means they might have liked the first page. Want to add more valuable content/ideas.

Early Feb 2009

Haven't really made much money at all. I don't have enough traffic... Get about 1000 people a month. And about 2000-3000 page views. I think you need about 1 million page views a month to make much money. About 1 dollar per 1000 page views is pretty good, so with a million page views a month, you could expect to net at the most maybe 1000 dollars!. If you can get people to come back or view multiple pages, then you don't need so many visitors. Truly the bottom line is producing something that people find useful and the site will be successful.

I think providing lessons about the guitar and thoughts about other things is useful. I know many people want to play. But I also know most people want to learn to play popular songs and I am not sure how that would work with copyright issues. I would like to teach popular songs but if they are protected by copyright, then I am legally not allowed to teach about them online in a specific way?

I have plenty of ideas about things that I would like to improve with the site. Videos, layout. More lessons. More examples. I also would really like to add lessons in languages other than English. Besides providing a resource that may not exist in other languages and providing me an opportunity to learn/practice other languages, I am curious how certain things would attract attention with search engines.

Well let's see how February works out. I will add more content, videos, interesting adveristing, ideas, photos and pictures!

A link to the home page A link to the guitar lessons A link to article about a variety of topics A link to the tools page.  This has suggested items, etc. A link to the help page A link to contact us

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